Textile Surface


As consumers and governments are growing more environmentally conscious, manufacturers are expected to engage in corporate social responsibility efforts by employing sustainable and cleaner production technologies…


Fabrizon offers an innovative, fast, and environmentally friendly solution to the rising demand for hydrophilic treated materials in textile industry...


To become the ultimate solution in the surface treatment industry, pioneering the use of dynamic plasma processing that...


* Current textile industry lacks innovative production techniques 
that can increase production capacity, efficiency, and quality
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* Current hydrophilic treatment methods: * Are costly * Have limited applications * Harmful to the environment2 (Creates chemical waste)
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* Due to COVID-19 pandemic: * There is an excessive demand for hydrophilic fabrics (for PPE) * There is a shortage of hydrophilic fabrics and PPE * 58%...
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Countries Worldwide
  • Is a plasma treatment device
  • Is safe to operate
  • Treats various surfaces
  • Is applicable on sensitive textiles
Can Potentially Make Fabrics
  • Hydrophilic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Fireproof
  • More durable

Our Team

Emilia Clarke
Rozhin Yazdan Panah
Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, Rozhin is a skilled sales representative for Brӓcker AG, a notable player in the textile spinning industry. Rozhin’s ability to build customer relationship and her well-versed knowledge in the textile industry makes her a great fit for the CMO position. As a CMO, she will be responsible for overseeing all marketing operations and developing strategies to increase brand awareness and maintain the company’s competitive edge.
Emilia Clarke
Babak Yazdan Panah
Earning a bachelor’s degree in textile technology engineering, Babak has the expertise to create, plan and implement the strategic direction of the company. With 17 years of experience in sales and 13 years working as a marketing manager, he possesses the leadership and marketing skills needed to direct the company. As a CEO, Babak is in charge of strategic decision making and overall management of the company’s resources and operations.