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Babak Yazdan Panah

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Education: Bachelor's degree in Textile Sciences and Engineering |Amir Kabir University 1983 – 1988 Experience: Marketing Manager- Bracker AG (2008-present) Sales Representative - Bracker AG (1991 – 2008) Quality Control Inspector – during military service in Ministry of Defense (1989-1991) Certificates: all in Theater

As a Chief Executive Officer, Babak is in charge of developing the company's vision and mission. He acts as a communication bridge among executive members to ensure all departmental strategies are well aligned with the company's mutual direction. He is also tasked with making top managerial decisions and evaluating the performance of other executive members. Earning a bachelor's degree in textile sciences and engineering in 1988, Babak has the knowledge and expertise to create, plan, and implement the company's strategic direction regarding its initial focus on fabric plasma treatment. His technical knowledge about textiles and fabric treatment processes and methods will contribute to the improvement of Fabrizon as the company expands its applications to other industries. Given Babak's technical background, the company can benefit from his hands-on management approach to product design, engineering, and manufacturing. With 17 years of experience in sales and 13 years working as a marketing manager, Babak possesses the leadership and marketing skills needed to direct the company in a highly competitive industry such as plasma surface treatment. His work experience as a quality control inspector in the Ministry of Defense further proves his resource management and problem-solving skills that are crucial for a CEO's role.

Rozhin Yazdan Panah

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Education: B. A. English Translation (2016-2020) Experience: Sales Representative Brӓcker AG Company (2019- present) Certificates: N/A

As a Chief Marketing Officer, Rozhin is responsible for overseeing the company's marketing operations and developing comprehensive marketing strategies to foster business growth and sustainability. In this position, she takes charge of building relationships with external business partners to expand brand exposure while directing market research to maintain the company's competitive edge. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, Rozhin is a skilled sales representative for Brӓcker AG, a notable player in the textile spinning industry. Her work experience equips her with industry insights, strong rapport-building, and communication skills necessary for its successful marketing. Rozhin's ability to build customer relationship and her well-versed knowledge in the textile industry makes her an excellent fit for the CMO position.